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Family Night Tuesdays Starting April 1st

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Family Night Tuesdays 6:00pm Starting April 1st

Come bring family, friends, neighbors, and anyone needing 
~Encouragement, Prayer, Love and a Safe Place~

As a Christ’s body, we can’t be asleep to the horrors predicted in 2Timonthy 3:1. Jesus Himself, predicted that men would become lovers of money, hateful, proud and arrogant.
The Old Testament speaks of the sons of Issachar,
a group that had knowledge of the times and skill in dealing with the world.
Can this be said of the Christ’s body today?

“If we discern the times, we know this isn’t a moment for half measures.
The only way for us to ‘deal with the world’ is not to let church be business as usual”
(Quote from World Challenge Gary Wilkerson.)

In the midst of darkness, Jesus calls us to be light. And here is our message for such a time; “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world”  (1 John 4:4 KJV)

On Tuesdays, our regular Prayer Night we will open our doors for a light meal at 6:00pm to accommodate those who work. At 6:35 – 7:30pm we will have an in-depth bible study called “Living in the Kingdom Culture” and afterwards we will go right into prayer. When you come in to eat food in the natural, for your stomach, eat spiritual food for your soul.

Sign up at the church after service so we may plan for those who come for the meal.

Let’s bombard heaven with prayers for souls!
Pastor David & Council Members.