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Words of Life: April 17th 2014 – Passion and Commitment

Passion and Commitment

We are in the middle of the Passion Week. This is the week where Jesus Christ, over two thousand years ago, was leading up to His trial and crucifixion on a Roman cross. I have wondered why we call it the Passion Week. I think there are several reasons; Jesus was very committed to or passionate about completing His earthly mission, which was to die on the cross. The things that we are most committed to, cost us something very dear. Jesus was so committed to this mission that He was willing to suffer for that commitment. The things that we are committed to and are passionate about, will cost us something. Let’s remember the example of our Savior and complete the earthly assignments that each of us has. Find out what your passion is and do it, even though it will cost you something. You will be the better for it.

Pastor David Greenidge

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