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Words of Life: Receive Your Blessing – July 2nd 2014

Words of Life: Receive Your Blessing – July 2nd 2014

 Dear Friends,

I had the privilege of going on vacation last week and some amazing things occurred. We drove down to California and our vehicles got stuck on the way. We had a bad battery and alternator and had to have them fixed. It was a delay of four hours, by the time the mechanic completed the job.  At first glance, I asked the Lord in my prayer time why the delay, and He quickly told me the problem could have occurred on the open road, most of which was desert conditions.  My family and I would have been stuck in 105 degree temperatures, with probably an hour wait without air conditioning. I thanked God that He had our best in mind and we were able to get the car repaired in the city instead of the open road. I Chronicles 16: 8-9 says to give thanks to the Lord and tell of his wonderful acts. God is truly amazing and I love Him so much because He truly has done great things.

In thankfulness,
Pastor David Greenidge

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