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Words of Life: Holy and Perfect – Aug 6th 2014

Words of Life: Holy and Perfect – Aug 6th 2014 

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

He wants us to live holy and righteous lives.  He tells us to be holy and perfect as He is.  How can we pull that off when we are frail humans with our short comings?  Jesus paid the price on Calvary for us to have this new kind of life with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  This is amazing!  God makes a way for us to live a holy life by living in us.  Now we still have the human nature to contend with, so we have this dual nature to navigate; but keep trusting in God on a daily basis and acknowledging his presence in our lives.  We must ask Him to fill us with his Holy Spirit and then listen as He speaks to us.  It is amazing to see what happens next: we actually start to live a holy and righteous life.  Let’s praise God for his precious Holy Spirit that lives within us.


He will make a way,

Pastor David Greenidge

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