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Words of Life: What’s Love Got to do with It? Aug 20th 2014

What’s Love Got to do with It?

Dear Friends,

I am troubled by the situation that is brewing in Ferguson, Missouri. We are in the middle of another racial crisis at this time. It initially appears, that a young black man may have been shot and killed by a white police officer without probable cause. That statement makes a lot of people mad, because many Americans, from reading the initial facts of this case, think the police officer was justified in the shooting. I have only said it this way because of most of what I have seen and heard. That being said, I immediately realize that we don’t have all the facts at this point, and no matter what you believe happened, we all should wait for the final investigation. I recently met with a group of Christians and discussed a passage in the Bible that talks about love (1 Cor. 13). Love has a lot to do with many of the critical situations we face in life. We can take the path of hate and revenge, or we can choose to take the path of love. Love is a decision. Love is also attached to the concept of justice. Both of these virtues come from God. Oh, I know it’s hard to love someone that has hurt you; but it is a powerful tool to create understanding, and lead us to a pathway of reconciliation and forgiveness. Love has everything to do with it.

For those of you that would like to discuss the Ferguson case and the idea of love and justice, meet me at Tigard Covenant Church on August 31st, at 8:45am as we dig in and talk more about this unfolding situation.

May you allow the love of Christ to guide you and direct all your choices.

God bless,

Pastor David Greenidge
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