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Video: Fruit of the Spirit 2 Sept 21st 2014

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This Sunday, we continue our talk on the Fruit of the Spirit. Last week we focused on the deeds of the flesh. Today, we focus on the fruit of the Spirit. We realize that we are all born with a dual nature. The first nature is to do what we want or to sin. The second nature is to walk in the Holy Spirit; this means that we produce the fruit of the Spirit, which are virtues like love, joy, and peace. When I allow the presence of the Lord to bear fruit in my life, it is a wonderful thing to see blossom. It is God working in me for his glory. It is God causing me to really care about my neighbors and my family members. When it becomes a God thing rather than a David thing, I really become excited about living, because I am being of service to another person. This is really cool.