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Video: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit -1 Cor 12:5 – Sept 28th 2014

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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit -1 Cor 12:5 – Sept 28th 2014

Dear Children of God, We are continuing our study on the Holy Spirit by looking at the gifts of the Spirit. Every Christian is given at least one gift when they receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. You may not know what that gift is, but after completing our study on this subject, we will give you the tools to discover what yours is. What is a spiritual gift? It is a skill or ability that enables each Christian to perform a function in the body of Christ with ease and effectiveness. It is a wonderful thing to see a church operate where each person is functioning in their passion and gifting. We are becoming that church here at Tigard Covenant. Many of you are using your gifts to bless the congregation and be a light to the world. I praise God every day for having the opportunity to serve in a church where people are excited about their faith and really love God and each other. Let’s continue to bless the Lord and work in our area of giftedness.