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Words of Life: The Fruit of the Spirit – Part 2 – Sept 17th 2014

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The Fruit of the Spirit – Part 2

Dear Friends,

I am covering the subject of the Fruit of the Spirit in my sermon at Tigard Covenant Church this Sunday, September 21st. It is a fascinating subject because we all love to eat good fruit. It tastes so good and it is healthy for our bodies. Remember the old phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Just like fruit does our body good, so also the fruit of love, joy and peace brings good to others in our lives. When we can truly care and love another person, it is like that person is eating good fruit.  We will do another person some good. Think about the horrendous acts of evil that are committed on others by bad people. That same person that commits that awful act has the potential, with the God factor, to be a kind and considerate person. As we connect ourselves to the Vine of Jesus Christ, we have the power and ability to be loving to another person. Our words and our actions can become good fruit for another person.

May the peace and love of God be with you this day,

 Pastor David Greenidge

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