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Sunday Sermon: Gifts of the Spirit, Part 3 – Oct 19th 2014

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So, how are you doing?

How does it feel to operate in your spiritual gift that God has given you? Many of you discovered what your gift is and are using it for the glory of God. I see the joy of the Lord in your faces and you are happy. You are using your spiritual gift and are being what God created you to be: a blessing to another person in the body of Christ and to be a witness to the unsaved. Some of you may not know what your spiritual gift is. Keep coming to church over the next several weeks and you will discern what it is. The Holy Spirit is the Giver of spiritual gifts and you were destined to be a blessing to another believer. Today we are talking about the gift of service or helps. This is an important gift in the body of Christ. The Church could not operate effectively without it. When a church has a demonstration of this gift within its walls, it becomes a light to the world outside.

Be blessed as you serve one another,

Pastor David Greenidge…