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Words of Life: Happy – Oct 30 2014

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I have the privilege of driving to work and appreciating our wonderful God that has created us to give him praise.  My heart is filled with praise as I drive down the road.  I have noticed the change in seasons with the colder days and rainy weather.  The sky is grey and we don’t see the sun as much.  As the traffic was at a standstill this morning, I looked at the grey sky and started to sing praise to God.  In the middle of the grey, I saw the trees and a trace of sunshine.  The contrast was amazing.  I have found strength and peace when I sing praises to God.  He makes me happy.  I appreciate how much He loves me and I sing his praise.  I love Him so much for sending his Son to earth because He cared about me.  It is because of his Son Jesus that I have the Holy Spirit working in my life, causing me to sing songs to Him.  I sing when I sense his presence in my heart, giving me hope for people that are suffering.  Singing gives me an attitude that focuses on Christ;  I desire to live for Him in a way that pleases Him.  I sing because I’m happy.

Pastor David Greenidge