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Words of Life: Heaven Bound Oct 15th 2014

Heaven Bound

This week I have had the privilege of talking with people that recently lost a love one. The grief that comes over a person when someone they love dies is overwhelming. We have many emotions and feelings that rise to the surface. We think about that loved one and how much they meant to us, while sometimes we have things that were not said or done toward that loved one. As a Pastor, I have been at bedside in many hospitals just before the passing of a person. When a person has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, it is always a beautiful thing to observe the last moments before they die. A few days ago, this very scene occurred, when a dear person that I have known for several years died of cancer. When a person is in their last moments, we always read a scripture from the Bible and sing songs to worship God. These songs and scriptures bring comfort to the person and the family members present. Last Sunday evening we were singing songs and reading the scripture for this dear saint of God. When we started singing, she was unconscious and non-responsive. As we continued singing, she joined in by making noises and responding with unintelligible words, as if to say, amen and glory be to God. It made us so excited to see the manifestation of the presence of the Lord in the room. Later on that evening, she went home to be with the Lord. What a beautiful ending to a life lived well.

May God bless you with the assurance of his love and peace on this day, and always.


Pastor David Greenidge

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