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Words of Life: Body of Christ – Jan 7th 2015

The Body of Christ

We are starting the new year with a new sermon series on Church Membership, the Body of Christ.  What does this really mean?  We will learn and discover the answer to this question together in the morning sermons for the next six weeks at TCC.  It is an important question to answer, because how we live out the answer will affect our church, the community and the world at large.  What we do here at TCC on a daily basis, is not done in a vacuum; but is done with the eyes of our heavenly Father watching, and the world looking at us to see who we really are.  So who are we, or more personally put, who are you, as a member of this church?  We are the body of Christ, let’s discover what that really means over the next six weeks.

God bless you,

 Pastor David Greenidge
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