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Words of Life: Pray Continually – Feb 4th 2015

Words of Life for this week are:  Pray Continually
As we continue our sermon series on the Body of Christ, we are focusing on prayer. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing.  How can we do that?  Is it possible to pray all the time without stopping?  It is a tall order we have been given and yet when we look at this directive in a different light, we just may be able to pull it off.  If we look at our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as the best relationship in the world that we have ever had; and because we are so in love with Him, we always want to include Him in everything we do. It is possible to do. I love the Lord so much that I include Him and I want his thoughts on what I do. I have a running conversation with Him and He is my best friend.

Let’s pray continually and be blessed,
Pastor David Greenidge