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Words of Life: Never the Same – March 25th 2015

Never the Same

Sunday is Palm Sunday, which commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem on a colt. He came into town and caused an uproar. People were throwing their coats on the ground in front of Him and waving their palms, declaring that He was the King of Israel. This caused a disturbance because some of the religious leaders did not approve, and were jealous of the praises Jesus was getting from the people. To me, these two distinct reactions are interesting. On the one hand, people were excited about this leader who demonstrated His authority with power by healing people and teaching them the truth of God. Then on the other hand, there were the power elite, who were angry about the attention Jesus was getting, and wanted Him to die. We are faced with the same choice today. Jesus Christ is controversial. You can either accept Him or reject Him. You can either serve Him or turn away from Him. Do you hear His call to you today?  Jesus loves you and wants to be in a close relationship with you. Accept His call and allow Him to change your life. You will never be the same!

Wave your palms today for the King!  He loves you,

Pastor David Greenidge