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Words of Life: Mothers – May 10th 2015

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Words of Life for this week are: Mothers

Sunday is our Sabbath day to worship the Lord God Almighty. He is such a good God. He has blessed us with the privilege to have a personal relationship with Him, because of what his Son did for us. We also have been blessed by beautiful women of God to receive love and care from over the years. Women like Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene (who was a personal friend of Jesus with a close relationship with Him), are great examples of mothers who truly embraced godly virtues we all can follow. For women like these, and many others, particularly mothers who are among us, we salute them and give them honor. Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day to remember, a day to give credit where it is due, a day to show our gratitude and love for these special women in our lives who have made the difference for all of us to continue to go on and do a great work for God!

Mothers, we bless you with a special love that comes from God, that you will be cared for this day!

Pastor David Greenidge