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Words of Life: Spirit Living – June 3rd 2015

Spirit Living

We have just concluded a sermon series on relationships. We answered the question of how we can have loving relationships with our spouses, our family members, our friends, and our neighbors. In our first sermon, we stated that having a relationship with God, our heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ, is the best way to have good relationships with other people.  We connect effectively with God by His Holy Spirit. It is the Person of the Holy Spirit who enables us to truly love our wives and husbands. It is the working of the Holy Spirit in the human heart that enables us to forgive someone who has hurt us deeply. The sermon this Sunday will help us get a clearer picture of the work of the Holy Spirit. In the church calendar, we are currently in the Season of Pentecost. Pentecost celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit to the church. The Holy Spirit calls, enlightens, gathers, guides and sanctifies the people of God. Let’s celebrate the Person of the Holy Spirit today.

May God bless you as you live in the Spirit,

Pastor David Greenidge