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Words of Life: An Enriching Time – July 15th 2015

Words of Life for this week are:
An Enriching Time

There is a statement recorded in the Bible, in the Gospel of John chapter 10, verse 10 which says, “ I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” This was stated by our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the conveyor of abundant life for all who receive His message and His Word. He is the giver of eternal life and the giver of a more full life here on earth. We, at Tigard Covenant Church, are having a festival of music this Saturday, July 18th, from 12pm to 6pm. Our goal is to express the love of God to our community through good gospel music, country music, jazz and good inspirational messages through testimonies and the speaking of the Word of God. We also will have activities for kids like jumping castle, face painting, and games. This will be a positive environment to share the love of God with others, and to walk in the fullness of life Christ is giving to all of us. Please come by and enjoy this experience and receive a blessing. It will be an enriching time.

God bless you,
Pastor David Greenidge