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Words of Life: Impartation – July 29th 2015

Words of Life for this week are: Impartation

God is moving by His Holy Spirit in the hearts and minds of His children. His children are people who have confessed Jesus as Lord. We are seeing Satan take control of many people around the world, causing them to commit evil acts of violence and atrocity. The Bible says in Romans 5:20 “But where sin increased graced increased all the more” This means, that as God’s children, we are given the assignment to let people know about the grace of God. We impart the love of God to people who don’t know Jesus. We are to tell people they don’t have to remain in their sin, but they can be forgiven. We are seeing in the news headlines, an increase in violence and death. Let us who are in the body of Christ increase in doing something kind for another person. Can I encourage you to do this simple thing? In the next 24 hours, see how many good things you can do for another person or persons. Make a note in your calendar and share it with me or a friend the next time you meet. Are you ready to take the challenge? Only do it for the right reason, because you really care about someone else.

Meeting the challenge,
Pastor David Greenidge