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Words of Life: Relationships Sept 2nd 2015

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Words of Life for this week are:

Are you tired of br
oken relationships and failed commitments? Are you aware you were made by a loving heavenly Father who really cares for you? The reason why He created us was for a relationship. He wanted to be friends with us. He loved us enough to come to our place where we live called earth. He identifies with all the human joys and struggles of life. He did this through the sending of His Son, Jesus Christ. Because He made us and designed us with the capacity for love, He wants us to love other people who He made. He also wants us to really engage with each other in ways that are meaningful and important. He doesn’t want superficial interactions, many humans have, to be the standard. Instead, He wants us to really care for one another. We often are selfish in our relationships and forget that is not the way God made us. He made us to love and serve one another. In our human endeavors, we often become self-serving and give misplaced love and affection to the wrong people and things. We even idolize other people and things. Remember, we were made to only worship God. When we do this, we move into a place of peace and happiness. If you want to live a purposeful and meaningful life, start serving God, by loving Him and other people. If you want to know how to do this, check out a talk by Pastor David Greenidge on Sunday September 6th, at 10am at Tigard Covenant Church.

Bless you,
Pastor David Greenidge