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Words of Life: Let Him Show You! – October 28th 2015

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Words of Life for this week are:  Let Him Show You

The Bible is clear that our God is a miracle working God. He cares about the troubles and pains we have and wants to show Himself great on our behalf. Jeremiah 33:3 tells us to call on God and He will answer us and tell us great and mighty things. If we have a small view of God and don’t trust Him and have faith that He can help us, He will not come to our rescue. But if we believe who He says He is, then He will show Himself to be the God who answers our prayers. Do you trust Him for the big things? Do you really believe He can solve your big problem? He really can do it. He has done some great things for me, and as the Bible says, what He does for one, He will for do for another. Trust Him this very moment. Call on His name – Jesus – right now, and fill in the blanks with faith and see what He will do for you this very moment.

Call Him!
Pastor David Greenidge