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Words of Life: Speak Life – Oct 7th 2015

Words of Life for this week are:

The Best Use of the Tongue

In all group situations, people often get caught up in saying things that are not uplifting about others.  We all let gossip get the best of us at one time or another, and we say things about other people that can be very hurtful.  It often starts when you hear about someone else’s problem or wrongdoing.  We forget that we have done similar things that were wrong, but because someone else has done it, we talk about the other person’s folly while forgetting our own.  How do we avoid the pitfall of gossip?  Maybe answering this question will help, “What is the best use of the tongue?”  Should we build up someone or tear them down?  The answer is obvious, build up.

Speak life,

Pastor David Greenidge