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Words of Life: Confession – Nov 18th 2015

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Words of Life for this week are:

This week leading up to Thanksgiving, we are talking about an important subject that will help us navigate this time of being with family and friends. Most want authentic relationships, where we can share from our hearts, how we feel about one another, without having a big fight or conflict. I believe one way to accomplish this is by having a person in our lives where we can feel free to talk to them about anything, and they can do the same towards you. The Bible tells us to actually confess our sins one to another (James 5:16). This can be very intimidating, because most of us don’t want other people to see our bad side. However, if we take this step, it can be very freeing to let go and tell another person who you really are, that you need help, that you do wrong, and that you need to be forgiven. A wonderful thing happens when you take the risk and tell another person your shortcomings and failures. The other person sees you as a real person who struggles, but wants accountability. When this happens, growth occurs in both lives because both people learn to be real with each other and realize that with God in the mix, we can become better people. Take the risk, open your heart to a trustworthy person and Confess! If you do, it will help your Thanksgiving, because you will see your family and friends as imperfect people, just like you.

Be willing to risk,
Pastor David Greenidge