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Words of Life: Grow in Grace – Nov 11th 2015

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Words of Life for this week are:

 Grow in Grace

Hello, this is Pastor David coming to you with love this day. I know many of you, including me, face some bad days and things happen that wreak havoc in your lives. But today I want to bless you with some love that comes from above. God cares about you and me, and when those disturbing things occur in our lives, don’t go to false teachers or ungodly leaders for answers. God is still the One you should turn to. Sometimes friends can give you bad advice. It may seem right at first glance, but talk to your heavenly Father about it. Communicate with Him in the name of His Son Jesus Christ and you will get a sure remedy to what you are facing. On Sunday morning at 10:00am, I will be exploring the subject of Growing in the Grace of God. This will help us to get through tough times and have a true walk of faith.

 Grow in Grace,

Pastor David Greenidge