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Words of Life: What Effect Will He Have On You? – Nov 3rd 2015

Words of Life for this week are:

What Effect Will He Have On You?

The subject of giving money to church, charities and other worthy causes brings consternation to some and joy to others. Why would that be? Some people get concerned and shy about giving their hard-earned money, while others have a complete sense of happiness and excitement. I must confess that I used to be in the crowd who wasn’t happy about giving my money away. All that changed for me once I had an encounter with the Man from Galilee; His name is Jesus the Christ. He totally changed my life. He forgave me of all my sin and showed me a mental picture of Him dying on the cross for my sin. He went to the extreme to save and change my life. I am so grateful to Him because He gave me His very best.  I am only too glad to give Him my best, which includes my hard earned cash. I love Him so much that He has my heart and my money. I would encourage you to check Him out and see if He will have a similar effect on life and your wallet.

Give your best,
Pastor David Greenidge