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Words of Life: Original? Or Copy Cat? Dec 16th 2015

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Words of Life for this week are:

Are You Following the Original, or a Copy Cat?

There are so many copy cats in our culture and society. People are trying to imitate other people, after someone comes up with an original idea. The bad thing about this phenomenon is that people are stealing other people’s ideas and making money from this type of theft. When people take credit for someone else’s idea or property, it is never truly like the original. There is an “Original” in the Bible and His name is Jesus Christ. He was the first one to create the world. He was the first one to demonstrate a supreme love for all humanity like no one else. He was the first to be born of a virgin without participation of a man. He was the first one to guarantee entrance into heaven because of His death. He was the first one to turn water in wine at a wedding, and have the leader of the wedding declare that this wine was the best. Finally, He will be the only one to come back from heaven to take all His followers to be with Him in heaven for all eternity. I want to follow the “Original.”

Follow me as I follow Christ, the Original

Pastor David Greenidge