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Words of Life: What seeds are you planting? Dec 22nd 2015

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Words of Life for this week are:
What Seeds are You Planting?

We are coming to the end of the year; some say, out with the old, in with the new. What do you look forward to, as we enter another year filled with its joys and challenges? One good thing about looking forward, is to remember what we just came through in the old year and expect something different, something new. Well this last year has been filled with violence, sadness and conflict on a global level. Locally, we have had some good times, but many are concerned about our country and what’s around the corner. This leads to the new year. We can expect something better by each of us planting the seed of kindness to another human being. As we plant that seed, it will grow and someone else will become the better for it. Take a moment and commit to one good thing you will do for another person the first thirty days of the new year. If you want to increase your effectiveness, ask God to give you creative ideas on what and how to do it. I will start the process: during the month of January, I will say something positive to each person who says something negative to me.

May you be blessed for the rest of this year and into the new year with the seed of love operating in your life.

Much love,
Pastor David Greenidge