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Words of Life: Give God an Offering – Jan 20th 2016

Words of Life for this week are:
Give God an Offering

If someone did something nice or wonderful for you, what would you do or say? Most of you would respond with, well Pastor David, I would say thank you or I would show my gratitude by doing something in kind. Our Heavenly Father is our creator and made our bodies with all His skill and love. For example He made the human body with the capacity to heal itself. When we sustain an injury or cut our skin, the body will heal itself over time as we rest. When we get a cold or get the flu, with proper rest and drinking of fluids, the body has an immune system that kicks in and will provide healing over time as the anti-bodies get to work. God made us with the capacity to live long and prosper, if we take care of our bodies, exercise, eat well and limit the stress. There are several things that we can do to show God how we appreciate how He made us and have a heart of gratitude for what He has done for us. This Sunday morning at 10:00am at Tigard Covenant Church, I will be digging deeper into this subject of giving an offering to God. We will explore what that really means and what blessings come from giving God an offering.

Bless you,
Pastor David Greenidge