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Words of Life: Live in Peace – Jan 13th 2016

Words of Life for this week are:
Live in Peace

This year we have some big challenges and some hurdles to overcome. In our homes, we need more peace and love. I was talking to a friend recently, and he has decided not to get upset about the small things that we can stress out about in our home family life. He has decided to live in peace with his close family members. How can that be? To able to live in peace with your wife, your husband, you kids, and / or your close friend is an amazing feat. Yet he has decided to do this. The expression of peace that was on his face was an indication that he was telling the truth. How can he pull this off? I will tell you how: it is with the presence of the Lord, His peace, His joy at work in his life. When you start your day by mentioning  the name Jesus, you unleash power to live with your family members in love. You have power to live a good life not stressing out about what someone else does. This does not preclude us from speaking truth to family members when they do wrong; that is another issue that needs to be addressed. But I do encourage you to relax, don’t let the small things become big things. Ask God to help you to live in peace with the close people in your life.

Live in peace,
Pastor David Greenidge