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Words of Life: The Make Up of a Healthy Family – Jan 28th 2016

Words of Life for this week are:
The Make Up of a Healthy Family

What makes a strong and healthy family? Some people think with good communication skills. Others say providing for the physical needs of the family. Others say a healthy family will blossom by allowing kids to express themselves. Each person needs time to say what they feel, and having good listening skills on the part of the parent, will allow the child the creative expression to be heard; and this will make for a healthy family. All of these ideas are good, but I would submit that majoring in any of these solutions is not enough to make a healthy family. Healthy families  only develop where love is the basis of everything that is said and done. It is necessary to communicate with love, bring home the bacon with love, and to listen to your children and spouse with a caring and compassionate heart. Love is the key. We need a supreme love that takes us out of the ordinary and puts us into a place of true sacrifice and commitment. If we have this kind of love, we start the process of having a healthy family.

Bless you,
Pastor David Greenidge