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Words of Life: One True Leader – March 2nd 2016

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Words of Life for this week are:
One True Leader

What does it take to be a good leader? The world is looking for good leaders. Leaders who will be examples of virtue who everyone can follow. We need leaders who have understood what it means to serve the people and not their own self interests. In the current political climate, we are seeing a lot of mud- slinging, where people are smearing each other with accusations and mean words. We are on the attack mode and we are not seeing congeniality in this environment. The world is looking for a new leader, one who stands for truth and justice. We have an example of that kind of leader in the Bible, and His name is Jesus. He is a leader who cares about people and is one who we can look up to and never be ashamed. Talk to Himtoday. He is waiting to hear from you. Jesus is the one true leader.

Try it, you’ll like it, give God your worship,

Pastor David Greenidge