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Words of Life: Generosity – April 6 2016

Words of Life for this week are:

There is a verse in the Bible, 1 Peter 4:10, that tells us to use the gift God gave us to serve another person. God has given every believer in Christ a spiritual gift to serve someone else. Each believer uses a spiritual gift to bless another person in the body of Christ. Some have the gift of mercy, that means you have compassion for others and you do something about their pain.  Some have the gift of generosity or giving, where they bless others with the abundance God has bestowed upon them.  Others have the gift of wisdom to bless other people with advice. When these gifts are in operation, everyone in the body is blessed. What this means is that each one of us has a role to play, a purpose to help each other. When we use our gifts we are beinggenerous with what God has given us.  If you do not know what your gift is, ask a person who is mature in the things of God. You will be amazed at how others see the gifts God has blessed you with.

Be generous in using your gift,
Pastor David Greenidge