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Words of Life: What is a good mother? May 4th 2016

Words of Life for this week are:
What is a Good Mother?

Today is Mother’s Day and the subject of being a good mother comes into my mind. I remember my mother and how she influenced my life, particularly in the early years. I remember at age five coming home from school how she would greet me with a warm hug and give me milk and cookies for snack. She would encourage me all the days of my life to achieve and be successful in whatever I put my hands to do. I believe a good mother is a person who loves and supports her children and other kids and treats people with respect. I know some of you mothers are loving others at the cost of personal sacrifice. You give to other people, including your own kids, while depriving yourself of good times or material possessions. You will be blessed by the Almighty God and your reward will be great. A good mother is one who loves and gives without any limits. I salute and give honor to all you mothers; you have my deepest respect and love.

May God bless all mothers,
Pastor David Greenidge