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Words of Life: A Tribute to Fathers – June 15th 2016

Words of Life for this week are: A Tribute of Fathers

Father’s Day is special for many of us who have had relationships with our fathers who have been meaningful. My relationship with my dad had its moments when things were good and bad. Overall, I have been blessed to have a father who really loved me and showed it in tangible ways. He is now deceased and I have many positive memories that will last for eternity. Here are examples of the simple but profound things he did with and for me. He was a friend after I became an adult. He told me no when I needed to hear it. He let me drive his brand new car and gave me a set of keys. He loved my mother. And finally, the most profound thing he did was he made breakfast for the whole family on Saturdays, and had good conversations with me and entire family around the table. We ate good food and had interesting conversations.

Those times around the table I cherish the most and is my tribute to my Dad this Father’s Day.

Be blessed,

Pastor David Greenidge