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Words of Life: “The Touch” Sept 28th 2016

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Words of Life for this week are:“The Touch”
Studies have shown that infants that are appropriately touched and loved do better in life socially and in many other areas as they grown up. Not only do infants need to be touched and loved, but adults need the same love and care. Do you touch people in your life on a regular basis. Do you shake someone’s hand or give them a hug in a way that they know that you care. There are some people that do not engage in touching others in an appropriate manner. Those people need checks and balance and need to be taught how to touch in a God honoring way. For those of you that know how to touch someone the right way, I encourage you to remember to engage in this practice. Jesus Himself demonstrated touch in many of the people He interacted with. In Luke 5:13, He touches a man that had leprosy. This was a very contagious disease and yet He reached out and touched this man. Jesus touched this man because He loved him and had compassion on him. Let’s do likewise and touch others out of love, when we do, it becomes a blessing that values and affirms that individual.
God bless you,

Pastor David Greenidge