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Words of Life: Walk in Accountability – Sept 21st 2016

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Words of Life for this week are:“Walking in Accountability”
There is a wonderful treasure in life that we all can attain if we look to the Bible. Proverbs 2:1 says, “My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you,” According to this bible verse, we can gain a lot by listening and adhering to advice from others. The writer of Proverbs is encouraging his son to turn toward wisdom and realize that wisdom comes from the mouth of God. We can all receive good things, like even treasure, when we listen to good advice that we receive from another person. We all need to have a person in our lives that speaks to us when we need some correction. None of us are above needing good advice, because we all make mistakes and need other true friends to guide us when we error. The big question for all of us to wrestle with is, do we give people permission to speak to us when we error. Sometimes we put walls around our lives to keep people away rather than granting them access into the personal areas of our lives. The best way to do this is to verbally tell our close friends to please, speak the truth at all times. Giving someone this kind of access just may protect your life and better yet, enable you to be blessed by God.
God bless you,

Pastor David Greenidge