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Words of Life: Generosity – Oct 19th 2016

Words of Life for this week are:


There are basically two kinds of people when it comes to sharing resources. Some are generous givers and others tend to be self-centered. Being generous means that you not only take care of yourself and the needs of your family, but you also look out on the landscape of life.  You see people that are nearby and faraway that have needs. As you see people, the generous person asks the question, ‘What can I do to help?” This may mean giving from your personal resources and coordinating with other people to give for a particular need. The self-centered person on the other hand is just concerned most about their own needs. They usually have made plans to save their money, go on exciting trips, spend money on clothes, and do other fun things with their resources. These kinds of decisions that a person may make with their money is not necessarily bad. But if that is all they do with their money, then I am suggesting another alternative. The generous person realizes that what matters most in life is to help others and share the resources that God has blessed us with. Decide today which kind of person you are and move over or stay on the generous side.

God bless you,
Pastor David Greenidge