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Words of Life: “Bless” April 20th 2017 

Words of Life for this week are:“Bless”
Extending a blessing to another person is a wonderful thing to do. In our culturetoday, people often crack jokes on one another or make fun of each other. Whenever I watch a comedian on TV, I notice that they often will make fun of the people that are sitting in the front row. They make fun of their clothes or their physical anatomy. Don Rickles, the famous comedian that died recently, was notorious for making fun of people to get laughs. Sometimes he was funny, but sometimes he was very offensive. We can go in a totally different and beautiful direction when we bless someone. We are not making fun of them, but we are extending the grace of God to them, by speaking affirming and encouraging words. Another way to bless someone is to do a good deed instead of mistreating that person. Look for at least threepeople you can bless this next week with your words or your actions. You will become a part of the solution to make our world a better place.

God bless you with his love and peace,
Pastor David Greenidge