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Words of Life: The King Is Coming – April 6th 2017

Words of Life for this week are:“The King is Coming”
Wow, just think of it, The King of all Kings is coming back to Earth for us. His name is Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us in the book of John, chapter 14 verse three, that Jesus is coming back and will take us to be with him in heaven; what a King, and a what a promise. We serve a King that loves us enough to come back for us. He was speaking to his disciples in this verse and on another occasion, he prayed for future disciples, that would come to faith in him. Anyone that puts their faith in Jesus Christ will receive a brand new way of living for God that will lead to eternal life. This means that we will live with this King Jesus forever, we will never die, apart from him. We will always be with this King. He is so very special. There is no one like him in the whole universe. I love him so much. He has placed his love in my heart and I want you to come to know him up close and personal. Ask him to be Lord of your life this very day.
God bless you,

Pastor David Greenidge