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Words of Life: “Serving is the Best” – May 9th 2017 

Words of Life for this week are:“Serving is the Best!”

What a concept and practice to embrace, that serving is one of the best things we can learn to do in life. When I was younger, I worked in the field of business and I aspired to make it to the top of the corporation I worked for. I wanted to have the opportunity to advance and make a better living for my family. I was blessed to be able to advance in the company that I worked for and things were going pretty good for me. While working in business, I continued to volunteer and work in the church and in the community. I realized that I received more joy in serving people in business and in the community. This was very profound for me because serving people in my job and serving people in the church and in the community was more important than success. The decision to serve has brought me real joy and happiness. Being able to ask another person, “How can I help you?”, is a wonderful outcome of embracing the principle of serving others. Serving is the Best!
Pastor David Greenidge