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Words of Life: The Smell Test” June 7th 2017

Words of Life for this week are:“The Smell Test”

Whenever I go to Nordstroms or another department store with my wife and we pass by cosmetics, there are always good smells coming from that department. They also have ladies that have samples for you to smell and possibly consider buying a particular brand. My favorite fragrances are the ones that have the smell of flowers. We all have our favorite perfume or lotion. When it is applied to the person we love, it usually puts a smile on our faces. When I was a young boy growing up in New York and after playing basketball all day, my mom would remind me,  it’s time to get a bath. There are pleasant fragrances and there are some that are not so good. There is actually something special about a fragrance that fills up the room. We have candles in our home that do just that. As believers in Christ, the scripture tells us that we should have the fragrance of Christ operating in our lives. The fragrance of Christ is love. Jesus Christ loves us and we must love other people, particularly the people we spend the most time with, our family members. If I were to come and interview your family members and your church family members, would they say that you love them consistently? Would they say you are kind to them a majority of the time? Or would they say you yell a lot,  or would they say that you are irritable and have a short fuse? Would they say that you do things with them that they like or would they say you are a selfish person? Remember, we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ and when we do, will you pass the Smell Test? If not, start doing something about it today.
Pastor David Greenidge