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Words of Life: “Get Ready”  – Aug 10th 2017

Words of Life for this week are: â€œGet Ready”

The scripture says in Matthew 24, that the end times will come with some catastrophic occurrences around the world. They include earthquakes, famine and wars. With the developments that we are seeing this week from North Korea, we should all be concerned, but not fearful. Our security is in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have an anchor in Christ. This means that whatever occurs, we can trust in his unchanging hand of protection and care to lead us in these troubling times. That being said, there are some specific and direct activities that we as Christians must be involved in. We are called to watch and pray. We are called to not be deceived by false teachers that deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We are called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world. We must be faithful in doing the right thing by following our leader and being consistent in loving God, and loving our neighbors. 

In short, we have some work to do when we hear about bad news; keep doing what God has called us do. Get ready by being faithful today in these current times.

Pastor David Greenidge