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Words of Life: “The Storm” Aug 31st 2017 

Words of Life for this week are:“The Storm”

We have all seen the pictures of the storm in Houston and in parts of Texas. The scene of the seniors in the nursing home up to their hips in water was just terrible. Thank God, they were rescued and brought to a safe place. My mind reflects on the storm where his disciples were afraid and saw Jesus walking on the water. What a scene of God himself coming to our rescue when we face the storms of life. He will save you, he will deliver you from the perilous situations that come your way. Jesus himself on another occasion says, “Peace be still” to the storm and the waters became still. He is absolutely amazing and is waiting to come to your rescue. He will come to you when you need him. Right now many of us are facing a storm, just mention his name, “Jesus”, right now, and receive his peace. Please keep the people of Texas and Louisiana in your prayers and let’s do what we can to be of help. Receive the peace of God through Jesus Christ.
May God bless you!
Pastor David Greenidge