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Words of Life: “Body Builders” – Sept 27th 2017 

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Words of Life for this week are: â€œBody Builders”There are many people that are working out in gyms to make their bodies more fit and in shape. Some have decided to become body builders to make their bodies look like a work of art. For some, it is a passion. I have become more in love with the members and friends of Tigard Covenant Church (TCC), so much so, that I want to be a body builder in Christ.  I also want to build up other Christians that serve in other local bodies. We can build up the body of Christ at TCC and elsewhere, by loving and supporting each other. We should particularly notice one another when we are going through a struggle or a trial. We should care about one another when a person is suffering. Building up one another in love is what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ demonstrated for us and is still doingtoday. He is seated at the right hand of our Father in heaven and he is praying for each of us. There are many ways that we can build each other up. We can give a person a ride to church. We can help another person out with a physical need when it arises. We can know this by keeping in touch with each other. We can pray one for another. This is a very powerful tool that God gives us to become true body builders of the Faith. What other creative ways can  you think of, to build up another person?
Pastor David Greenidge