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Words of Life: “The Invitation” – Sept 21st 2017

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Words of Life for this week are:“The Invitation”

In the mail this week I received an invitation to go to a party. My close friend is having a party for his friends. This particular friend knows how to put on a party. He has great food and plenty of it. The atmosphere is wonderful and we laugh and always have a good time. These kinds of invitations are very special. There is an invitation that is given to us in Isaiah 55 that is better than them all. Here is what it says, “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters, and you who have no money, come, buy and eat…” This invitation is given to us from our heavenly Father. He extends this invitation to his people in Israel and us. In this invitation God is comparing what he has to offer with everything that we partake of on earth and says what he has is much better. He invites us even if we don’t have any money. He invites us if we are tired, hurt, and uninvited. He cares about us and wants to give us something that is better than we ever had. He wants to have a relationship with us where he calls us his friend and where we come to him with our needs. He wants to have a covenant relationship with us. This means he will never leave or reject us. He truly loves us and will be with us to the end. Accept his invitation and ask him to come into your life, he will!

Pastor David Greenidge