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Words of Life: “Investing in Your Children” – Feb 9th 2018

Words of Life

Investing in your Children

The stock market over the last several days has decreased in value significantly. Americans save money and invest money in a variety of ways. The stock market has performed with positive returns for many people that keep their money in it for a good period of time. The key is to leave it in the market and don’t withdraw your funds at the sign of trouble. The same principle applies to raising our children. Parents must realize that they have to invest in the lives of their children on a continual basis, not just for the short term. What does it mean to invest in your children? It means that you have to sow the seeds of love, care, forgiveness and kindness. Children also need guidelines for acceptable behaviors. You can be a friend as they grow older, but you must continue to speak words of wisdom, love and care. This is the way we invest in our children and more often than not, there is a return of love and respect that will come your way as you age and move into the senior years.

Pastor David