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Words of life: “Running for Jesus” Feb 15th 2018

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Words of Life

Running for Jesus

The Olympics are in full swing, and the athletes are competing at a very high level. The snow boarders and the ice skaters are making tremendous turns and twists that almost defy gravity. They are totally committed to their goal of winning a gold medal. We as believers have also been given a charge from our Lord and Savior to bear fruit. We are called to be light posts for Jesus. We are called to love people in our community unconditionally. This means we may not like what they do or who they are, but we still love them. Jesus gave us this example and associated with the most despised people in his community. Let’s not make assumptions about people and dismiss them from our company, but instead go after them like you are running a race that you will not stop for anything. Run for Jesus on his team by truly loving your neighbor.

Pastor David Greenidge