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Words of Life: “What’s Going On?” Feb 23rd 2018

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Word of Life: What’s Going On?

Marvin Gaye did a great job of recording a song several years ago called, What’s Going On. It was a song about the blight of inner cities throughout the United States. It described the worst of human conditions and asked what can we do as a society to make things better. The title of the song assumes that things that are bad, need to be changed for the good of society and in particular the inner cities of America. What goes on in the cities do eventually flow over to the suburbs. We as Christians are called to care about all people everywhere. We are called to go into the big cities and remote areas and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we think about the school shootings the one question that we all ask is, why did he do it. Why did he kill innocent people. The bible says the human heart is desperately wicked, who can predict it. The cure for the human heart is the gospel. When God in Christ comes to a person, true transformation of the human heart occurs. At Tigard Covenant Church, we have a phrase that we use at the conclusion of our worship time, “Let’s go fishing”. This means that we share the gospel during the week and we live the gospel during the week. This will cause people to ask us What is going on in our lives, they will see the love.

Pastor David Greenidge