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Word’s of Life: Palm Sunday

Words of Life.

Palm Sunday

This coming Sunday, March 25th is Palm Sunday. We commemorate the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem where the crowds waved the palms and said, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of Lord.” Jesus came as the King of Israel, and the people were really excited to see him. He demonstrated His power and authority by doing great miracles and teaching people the Word of God. His teaching was done with love and sincerity. He cared about all people and was not overly critical of them. He had compassion for them, but he spoke the truth and encouraged them to obey God. He stood up for justice and cared about the poor, women, and people that were sick and neglected. Do you sometimes feel like no cares about you? Do you occasionally feel down about your circumstances? You have a King that identifies with your problems and comes to your rescue when you call on His name. He is your King, and He has the power to change the condition of your heart and circumstances. Please give me, or someone else who knows the Lord a call, and we will be glad to pray with you and comfort you at this time.

Pastor David Greenidge