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Words of Life: “Respect for God’s House” March 1st 2018

Words of Life.

Respect for God’s House

There is a passage in the bible that deals with Jesus chasing the money changers out of the house of God. These people had changed a place of worship and prayer into a commercial venture. Jesus was actually very angry about their folly. Jesus is making a clear statement to all of us that we must show respect for God’s house. God’s house is called a house of prayer for all nations. God’s house is where his word is proclaimed. God’s house is where the healing of the body, soul, and mind takes place. Do you have respect for God’s house? Do you enter this place with deep respect and expectation that God’s presence will be there? Do you look forward to worshiping your God and enjoying his presence? Nothing should get in the way of worshiping God and having fellowship with the saints of God. May we ever give due respect to Him and the place that we designate for worshiping our God. We had a great time of worship last Sunday at TCC. The spirit of the Lord was present, and we all were blessed. The testimonies from our young people and the music led us closer to the Lord.

Pastor David