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Word’s of Life: Promises Kept – April 19th 2018

Words of Life

Promises Kept

How many of you have been in a relationship with someone and experienced the breaking of a promise? I remember a conversation I had with my wife, Trish, several years ago about my failure to let her know that I would be delayed in returning home. When I arrived at home she was not happy with me and gave me a piece of her mind if you know what I mean. I realized as she passionately let me know that she felt like she was not important enough for me to call her, that I had broken a promise to her. This was not the first time that I made that error, and that was the reason she let me know how she felt. I have since made it a point to call when delayed. It was not until I put myself in her shoes and took the time to strongly consider how she felt, that I decided to change my behavior. I realized that I was not keeping my word with her. When promises are kept they strengthen a relationship. When promises are not kept they eat away at that relationship. We have a heavenly Father that always keeps his promises. His love for us never fails. Let’s follow his example and be promise keepers.

Pastor David Greenidge